Jazz Mascot Cake

Jazz Mascot Cake
Jazz Mascot Cake - NBA mascot drops cake on fans, Mascot Drops Birthday Cake Off Balcony at Utah Jazz Game Several fans who were at Tuesday’s Utah Jazz/Cleveland Cavaliers game are probably glad that a fan above them didn’t get a heavier birthday present than he got. That’s because “Bear” the Jazz mascot fumbled the cake he was giving the lucky fan and it fell from the upper deck on to the crowd below.
One thing mascots are great at is making us laugh. One thing they are not so great at is balancing a birthday cake with their furry hands.
The Utah Jazz’s mascot, Jazz Bear, reinforced that notion during Tuesday night’s game against the Cleveland Cavaliers, as he presented a birthday cake to one longtime Jazz season-ticket holder, but was unable to maintain his grasp on it, dropping it onto the fans seated in the lower bowl below him.
Thankfully, the fans that found themselves beneath that downpour of deliciousness had a good sense of humor regarding the entire incident, as no one felt the need to attack Jazz Bear. Although, their lack of retaliation may have been out of fear after seeing what Bear did to the last fan that challenged him.

You can watch the birthday cake shower in the video below.